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    JingLi US is a New York based global business investment firm advising top 1% of US and China in their cross border businesses. Since its inception in 2012, JingLi US has successfully helped and partnered with fortune 500 and public listed companies in US and China in business meeting arrangement, investment, IPO, real estate, education and public relations.

    The Founder

    Li Jing (荆莉) is a Wharton award winning TV journalist turned entrepreneur. She is considered a pioneer as the first native Chinese speaker hired by CBS News in New York as a lead producer. With her remarkable network of the leaders in business, media, fashion and politics in America and China, Jing started JingLi US to help bridge leaders between the two most powerful countries and it has has become one of the most trusted investment and business platforms in the US-China arena. Jing has won many awards and is the 2016 emerging leader featured by Mandarin Quarterly Magazine. Jing has won recognition from celebrities and media such as NBC, FOX, ABC, the Examiner, Sina, New York Parks Commissioner and pianist Lang Lang.


    JingLi US has a passionate and international team based in the US and China with advanced degrees in business, media and finance. Our local teams are in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai. We have successfully helped our clients in planning business meetings, investment conferences, tours, IPO advisory, public relations and media events as well as education seminars. We provide a one stop shop service to our clients to all their needs in the US from business to travel.

  • Services

    Business Meetings, Investment, Education, IPO

    Business Meetings

    We help arrange executive meetings and educational seminars at top companies in America and China for their business needs. It includes technology, financial and top Universities across the US including East and West coasts.

    Financial Investments

    Investment: Fund, PE, Life insurance, Real Estate, Startups, M&A

    We help clients find the most reputable firms for their investment needs in the US and China ranging from millions to billions of dollars. We carefully selected top performers after many research and within our exclusive networks to save our clients time and help them achieve a desirable investment return.

    Listing, IPO & Reverse Merger

    We help provide advisory service from initial consulting service, finding investment banks, underwriters, lawyers, accountants to investor relations for companies with our selected top partners.

    EB5 Visa

    We select the most reliable EB5 projects with the highest success rates to help our clients receive the investor Visa in a timely matter.

    P.R. & Events

    We help companies and individuals in PR campaigns and events in China and America among both Chinese and English media.


    We have experts with decades of experiences and strong relationship with Ivy League schools to prepare application packages for high school and University students. Our experts have successfully got hundreds of Chinese students into top American universities. The services are provided as a one time consulting fee or are based on success outcome.

  • Events

    Upscale events customized just for you!



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    Henry Kissinger, New York City Mayor, Well-known American family offices, Miss America, Emmy Winners, Oscar Winners, Broadway stars

    Business Events

    Business Meetings at top financial and technology companies such as JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Chase, IBM, GE and Google.

    Real Estate

    The best real estate broker recommendations, residential and commercial real estate investment.

    EB5 Investor

    We help you select the most reliable EB-5 investor programs in the US.

    Media/PR Events

    We help you get media coverage by top English and Chinese media as well as upscale event planning in US and China.

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    We have had many successful events and served many happy clients in China and US!

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